Mobility help

Providing personal help to family members who need assistance completing routine care tasks.

Bathing & hygiene tasks. These tasks can become more challenging as we age which can lead seniors to neglect their grooming. Our trained staff will assist your loved one with basic personal care needs.

Dressing and grooming. Holding a hairbrush, buttoning buttons, or zipping up a zipper can be daunting challenges for arthritic hands. We know your family member wants to maintain their independence and we work with them to achieve this.

Walking & mobility. Slips, trips, and falls are more common as we age. Decreased vision and flexibility make the home and outside world harder to navigate. Our care companions assist your family member in getting up and about, whether it is in the home or while running errands.

Transfer & posture. Although you might not be aware of it when you’re younger, learning good techniques for getting out of a chair or off the toilet, will help to prevent injuries as we age. Care companions help teach proper ways to transition from sitting to standing (and vice versa).

Continence & toileting care. Nobody wants to talk about this, but as we age, muscle deterioration can cause embarrassing accidents. Toileting cleanliness is also important in helping to prevent infections. Our staff assists with seniors with compassion and dignity.

Special diet & meal preparation. Dietary restrictions and solitary meals may make seniors feel as though it isn’t worth “the bother.” However, good nutrition is important to maintaining good health. We work with your family member to plan and create nutritious meals.

Eating assistance. Arthritic fingers, trembling hands, and a lessening ability to swallow can make consuming meals challenging for those who live on their own. Compassionate staff members will provide mealtime assistance to your loved ones.

Oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is important for physical health and social well being. The simple act of brushing your teeth becomes more difficult as we age. Whether your loved one needs help gripping a toothbrush or gentle reminders to brush, floss or take care of their dentures, we take that worry off your load.

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